Special data analysis software carried by the pig replays the detection data collected on site so that pipe diameter geometric changes could be showed clearly in the form of data curves. Through data analysis, pipe deformation size can be quantized accurately and the deformation points also can be located combined with welding point information of installation and construction records.

Offering ILI data analysis that goes beyond traditional reporting.

  • Custom, Automated Reporting
  • Metal loss/Geometry/IMU reporting
  • Facility Fitness for service evaluations
  • DEF tool is composed of communication system, cup, Def sensor, odometer wheel/sensor. Its in different sizes inspect pipeline with size of 6”~ 48.
  • Data visualization software


B.G. Technical acquires the LINALOG® Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) pipeline intelligent inspection technology including the renowned LINALOG brand, along with the entire global fleet and delivery systems from NDT Global. This acquisition enhances BGT‘s delivery of top quality pipeline integrity inspection both locally and worldwide and enables BGT to commission the next generation of technology.

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